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Version Date Comments Type SHA1 Hash Download
1.0.1 2011-10-01 Bug Fixes Source 13306e1db60b97b308684ad530589d04709f70ba main site
mirror (fast)
1.0.1 2011-10-01 Bug Fixes Windows Binaries 1d6482961b73a44a893d136bca817768dbe9f333 main site
mirror (fast)
1.0.0 2011-06-19 Major Update Source 7becfbc7336f5d61a079dd746388d434a4cd9ee0 main site
mirror (fast)
1.0.0 2011-06-19 Major Update Windows Binaries 3c2dae590f3b1f7cb81f06e35840ad0b2521dfcf main site
mirror (fast)
0.99.0 2011-05-01 Release Candidate Source 45edaf2aa8875b746b23f0759ab0c3fb886a01ee main site
0.99.0 2011-05-01 Release Candidate Windows Binaries 8322df697eecfa9d163f4f94b841113c92163e04 main site
0.12.0 2010-03-08 Minor Features source a64e3a755fbc8e4ec1bc384e1da628c0e6fd1922 main site
0.12.0 2010-03-08 Experimental Windows Binaries 2ad1d61bc02fe8d1cea7842635c443f27be7ea90 main site
0.11.0 2009-06-03 Minor Features source c0e71117b34ff331e1189900ccaa7c2d31302bef main site
0.11.0 2009-06-03 Experimental Windows binaries 38d355fe08a88413eda665ac04842fd3d5e6692e main site
0.10.0 2009-02-09 Major Update source 85f4bdefbbbd9f43f21c596c3c92e8607539b744 main site
0.9.0 2008-08-09 Major Update source 7a707d4e949a164c817a84f494a6371812a55398 main site
0.4.0 2007-03-28 Minor Features source edf86436951e71be66c11dab102c55be0be2a6ce main site
0.3.0 2006-08-04 Minor Features source 27c8e3f1869bbf80e6269d87867301b06f1c6693 main site
0.2.2 2005-10-02 Minor Bugfixes source 0463d0055f0d75feba63200491d6b95e14eaf74b main site
0.2.1 2005-09-04 Bugfixes source 2954686c4856ea2612101851f7c6fdcf224ae8ab main site
0.2 2005-08-07 Rewrite source 6fa0bcbf58e8061bbb7768d99f2258015dfb0ed4 main site
0.1.2 2005-07-08 Bugfixes source f5b963dbc947bd6d5a287a200a9eb241817e2342 main site
0.1.1 2005-06-07 Bugfixes source fb0298d3be6dbd0ae5c1c76b5e1fe496fc4445b6 main site
0.1 2005-06-04 Initial Release source 025a878bb556c9f2d1f72ce765c0b5f6a62999e8 main site

Additionally, you may try out the latest trunk revision from Subversion. It is more unstable than the releases, but is useful for developers who wish to test against the newest codebase.

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