Sentinel Chicken Networks Artificial Neural Network Library (scnANNlib)

NOTICE: Development of this project has been discontinued. There are plenty of other GPL-ed neural network libraries out there (Amygdala, annie, libperceptronnetwork, libneural, etc), and I felt that building another was not necessary. Downloads of this library will be available, probably indefinitely, but there are no plans to release new versions at this point. If someone is interested in picking up the project and improving upon it, I would love to hear about it. I would be willing to provide hosting resources, in this case.

scnANNlib is an open source library (covered by the GNU LGPL) for building, training, and testing artificial neural networks (ANN) in C++.

Currently the library can let a programmer easily build traditional, feed-forward ANNs, with an arbitrary number of layers, each with an arbitrary number of nodes. The current feature list offers a quick overview of the library's capabilities. Browse the project's goals to read up on the objectives of future releases.

Download the latest release here. You may also find the links page handy in learning more about neural networks in general. Finally, the latest updates on the project status can be found on our news page.

Check out the credits for a list of contributors to the project.

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