scnANNlib Project News

2002.1.19 - CVS Repository Up, Other Info

Well, I haven't updated this page in a while. Things have been happening though. A while back we got a mailing list, and just today, a good deal of progress was made on 0.2. Also, I just set up ViewCVS to share the latest updates to the code base more freely. If you are interested in the development mailing list, just kick a message to ezmlm at

2001.9.29 - Feedback address working

We now have the contact email address working (whereas messages were bouncing before), and a mailing list is in the works. If you wish to send us questions/comments/problems you can now reach us at Thanks all for the patience while we get our email systems in order.

2001.9.27 - New Project Area on Freshmeat

I would like to thank Freshmeat for providing such a great free service. It is a great way to get projects publicized. Check out the project page.

2001.9.23 - scnANNlib 0.1 Released

Download the initial release now and let us know what you think.

2001.9.18 - Project Website Nearly Complete

Most of the major parts of the site are now up and running. Be sure to check out the project goals and current feature list. The initial release is scheduled for sometime in late September.

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