tableau-parm project news

2009-09-30 - Version 0.2.0 Released

This version alters the way SCSI commands are sent in order to support additional platforms. It introduces a dependency on the sg3_utils library which allows the tool to potentially work on several additional platforms. To date, FreeBSD, as well as Linux, have been tested successfully. No significant changes in functionality were introduced in this release.

2007-08-02 - Tableau Releases New Firmwares (Installer Version 4.30)

Tableau released some new firmwares for most of their write blockers. Apparently some serious bugs were fixed, so you probably want to apply this update.

2007-07-20 - Version 0.1.0 Released

This initial release should be functionally complete, though possibly not terribly portable. One should consider this "alpha" software. Features include:

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