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pyregfi.Hive Class Reference

Represents a single registry hive (file) More...

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def subtree
 Creates a HiveIterator initialized at the specified path in the hive.

Static Public Attributes

 root = None
 The root Key of this Hive.
float modified = 1300000000.123456
 This Hives's last modified time represented as the number of seconds since the UNIX epoch in UTC; similar to what time.time() returns.
int sequence1 = 12345678
 First sequence number.
int sequence2 = 12345678
 Second sequence number.
int major_version = 1
 Major version.
int minor_version = 5
 Minor version.

Detailed Description

Represents a single registry hive (file)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pyregfi.Hive.__init__ (   self,


Initialize a new Hive based on a Python file object. To open a file by path, see openHive.

fhA Python file object. The constructor first looks for a valid fileno attribute on this object and uses it if possible. Otherwise, the seek and read methods are used for file access.
Supplied file must be seekable. Do not perform any operation on the provided file object while a Hive is using it. Do not construct multiple Hive instances from the same file object. If a file must be accessed by separate code and pyregfi simultaneously, use a separate file descriptor. Hives are thread-safe, so multiple threads may use a single Hive object.

Member Function Documentation

def pyregfi.Hive.subtree (   self,

Creates a HiveIterator initialized at the specified path in the hive.

pathA list of Key names which represent an absolute path within the Hive
A HiveIterator which is positioned at the specified path.
ExceptionIf the path could not be found/traversed

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