Data Fields
WINSEC_DESC Struct Reference

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Data Fields

uint8_t revision
uint8_t sbz1
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uint16_t control
 WINSEC_DESC_* flags.
uint32_t off_owner_sid
 Offset to owner sid.
uint32_t off_grp_sid
 Offset to group sid.
uint32_t off_sacl
 Offset to system list of permissions.
uint32_t off_dacl
 Offset to list of permissions.
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 XXX: document this.
 System ACL.
 User ACL.

Detailed Description

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Field Documentation

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"If the Control field has the RM flag set, then this field contains the resource manager (RM) control value. ... Otherwise, this field is reserved and MUST be set to zero." -- Microsoft. See:

Referenced by winsec_parse_desc().

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