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GrokEVT Downloads

Please be sure to check out the dependencies before installing.

Version Date Comments Type SHA1 Hash Download
0.5.0 2011-06-20 Major Refresh source 6369460688fb02c3eb5e5a5d6c9d56b84b21cb1b main site
mirror (fast)
0.4.1 2008-03-20 Bugfixes source b7760902227c9440502db6835d1a9cba9e600daf main site
mirror (fast)
0.4.0 2007-03-29 Major Update source d05dbbdfd8e9b138c2f9cd4a7ae5566b93cc9abe main site
0.3.1 2007-02-27 Bugfixes source 66bc8d259283ef1c83f47b78153e9ac12bc08e7f main site
0.3.0 2006-05-24 Major Update source 6483abd1fb298137e9bcf64eeb2dfa146055722e main site
0.2.0 2005-10-03 Major Update source e9c8a44b90570fa239ef14757430fad711669e99 main site
0.1.2 2005-08-07 Bugfixes source a2a36f2ffc9426c1c8d08413396f2898c010f6c0 main site
0.1.1 2005-07-08 Bugfixes source 90c4f9486251a084e9952275895bcd4203f0cbd0 main site
0.1 2005-07-02 Initial Release source a40087f5ec1efeb64c27b0a444d32580af781e4f main site

Additionally, you may try out the latest trunk revision from Subversion. It is more unstable than the releases, but is useful for developers who wish to test against the newest codebase.
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Also available in IPv6.