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tableau-parm is an small command line utility designed to interact with Tableau forensic write blockers. It performs functions similar to the Tableau Disk Monitor, except that it operates under select UNIX systems.

tableau-parm is released under the GNU GPLv3, and is implemented in ANSI C. This program would not have been possible without extensive assistance by Tableau, LLC, who provided documentation and guidance throughout development. Also note, that neither Tableau nor the authors warrant this tool in any way, and that you may use it only AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Currently, tableau-parm allows investigators to query Tableau write blockers and their associated storage devices for information such as serial numbers, firmware versions, size, and the existence of HPA/DCO sections. It may also be used to permanently remove DCO sections from (S)ATA disks. You may want to browse the project's goals to read up on the objectives of future releases.

You may download one of the releases, but be sure to check out the dependencies and FAQ first. Also, you may want to browse some links to related projects or check out the credits for a list of contributors to the project. If you run into trouble, feel free to contact me. Finally, the latest updates on the project status can be found on our news page.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, first take a look at the latest source code. We are particularly interested in contributions related to ports to other platforms, such as Mac OS X.

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Also available in IPv6.