Data Fields

Security structure. More...

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Data Fields

uint32_t offset
 Real file offset of this record.
uint32_t cell_size
 ((start_offset - end_offset) & 0xfffffff8)
 The stored Windows security descriptor for this SK record.
uint32_t hbin_off
 Offset of this record from beginning of this hbin block.
uint32_t prev_sk_off
 Offset of the previous SK record in the linked list of SK records.
uint32_t next_sk_off
 Offset of the next SK record in the linked list of SK records.
uint32_t ref_count
 Number of keys referencing this SK record.
uint32_t desc_size
 Size of security descriptor (sec_desc)
uint8_t magic [REGFI_CELL_MAGIC_SIZE]
 The magic number for this record (should be "sk")

Detailed Description

Security structure.

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